Updated COVID Requirements Costa Rica October 23

Updated COVID requirememts CROn Thursday, October 22, 2020, the Costa Rican government along with the Minister of tourism, Gustavo Segura have updated Covid requirements for travelers entering Costa Rica – both tourists and residents.
Image about Updated Covid requirements for travelers to Costa RicaThe great news with the updated requirements is that starting October 26, 2020 tourist arriving no longer a need for a negative Covid-19 PCR to enter Costa Rica. Having said this, some of the other requirements are still in place. Here is a refresher if you have been keeping track or are planning a trip to Costa Rica soon.

A) All people entering Costa Rica must complete the digital epidemiological form. This is known as the “Health Pass” or “Pase de Salud.” https://salud.go.cr/

B) Tourists must purchase health insurance that covers accommodation in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID-19. This policy can be international or purchased from Costa Rican insurers. The Minimum is $50,000 USD health and $2,000.00 for lodging and needs to cover you for the total time you are in the country:

Here are links to 2 Costa Rican companies that offer the required insurance. Instituto Nacional de Seguros) https://www.grupoins.com/seguroparaviajeros , or Sagicor https://tiendasagicor.com/en You can use a foreign policy but it must cover COVID-19 medical expenses and extended lodging as listed above.
Image indicating Costa Rica borders are open

Starting November 1, 2020, the Costa Rican Government updated the countries that are allowed to visit Costa Rica. They basically opened up to all countries around the word, so come and enjoy the Costa Rica Pura Vida!

In addition, the requirements for citizens of Costa Rica “Ticos” to return home have been updated. As of October 26, Costa Rican citizens returning to the country by air will not be required to quarantine for 14 days as before. Unfortunately, there was nothing stated or mentioned about quarantine for foreigners who have temporary or permanent residency. Hopefully, that will be updated as well in the coming days.

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