Take Your MEDS, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Well

Many people believe that MEDS is an abbreviation for medicines. Well, it could be – I am not a doctor. But to me, MEDS stands for Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep. During these crazy times of the COVID-19 virus. It is very important for all to Be Smart, Be Safe and Be Well!!  Costa Rica MEDS
During these very stressful days of being “locked down” in your house or being “quarantined” for 14 days. Please remember to take your MEDS. To be safe is to be smart! Because when all this is over Costa Rica still wants you to come and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful country.


Playa Hermosa meditation
Meditation: There are many forms of meditation this could also be in the form of praying or a quiet time to yourself, it helps clear your mind and brain and will give a calming effect to the worrisome situation at hand.


Diagram of exercises you can do at home
Exercise: Take it from a partially fat guy, at least that was what my doctor referred to me once when he said I had to lose 10 Kilos, but that’s another story. There are many very easy ways to exercise, even if you’re trapped in your home. I am sure I do not need me to explain what to do. JUST MOVE YOUR butt and get the blood flowing. Raising your fork does not count, which leads me to the next item.


Fresh food you can find in Costa Rica
Diet: We are what we stuff in our mouths. If you eat lots of processed fatty stuff, guess what you will be fat like me. Or eat healthy things, lots of fruits, vegetables, natural items – not processed foods.  Sure they may taste good but they are not good for you. If it is made in a factory, don’t eat it. If it is made by mother nature enjoy it.


Woman sleeping with a mask on
Sleep: We all seem not to get enough of it. Sleep is meant to help the brain release and reset. If you’re not getting enough, you will feel more stress, more fatigue and overall lousy. You should aim for a minimum of seven hours, eight to nine is even better.
The cool thing about living in Costa Rica, during this crazy time, MEDS are easy to take. With thousands of locations to chill alone with no one in sight, it is easy to meditate.  Even during these crazy times, it is easy to exercise, even in my condo, while looking at the ocean. With the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available in Costa Rica, diet is easy to maintain. Have you ever had mango ice cream?? It is to die for. I make it with fresh mango, eggs, low-fat milk, and organic agave syrup (for the extra sweetness). Last but not least, being close to the equator means there is plenty of dark night time, about 10 hours a day, so you can get plenty of sleep.

I am going to 100% honest with you: I am taking my MEDS and I have cut out a lot of artificially processed foods from my diet. The killer was giving up sweets.  I love the stuff!  I am sleeping longer and doing a daily exercise routine. That doctor won’t call me a fat guy again!

I just love living in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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2 thoughts on “Take Your MEDS, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Well”

  1. Thanks Joe for this email, I’m very happy to see the manner in which the CR government has handled this crisis.

    Thanks for reminding us to take our MEDS!!

  2. Hi Dotty,
    Great to hear from you. looking forward to having you as a neighbor one day soon. Stay well my friend, and see you soon!

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