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During times of crisis, like this COVID-19 epidemic the world is facing, it is important to remember to help those in the community that needs it the most. A group of local business owners and ex-pats are helping Playa Hermosa.
Playa Hermosa GuanacasteHere in Playa Hermosa ex-pats who have made Costa Rica their home are helping families that depend on tourism for sustenance.  Helping everyone from fishing and diving tour operators to cooks and maids in the hotels.  From restaurants to landscapers, to tour guides and the list goes on. Helping the community is a good thing, so I am asking you to open your hearts and your wallets.
Sign showing Costa Rica's borders are closedWith the borders closed to foreigners from March 18th until at least May 15, 2020, many of the local families of Playa Hermosa are suffering as there are no people coming to the area to enjoy all the wonderful things that Costa Rica has to offer. These are my neighbors, my friends.  I know many of these families. It is terrible to know that some children may be going to bed hungry with nothing in their bellies. Join me in helping Playa Hermosa.
Bank transfer to help the community of Playa HermosaSome may say, “well that’s great Joe, but what about you”. Well below is the confirmation from my bank of the funds that I sent from my business for the first drive to help the community of Playa Hermosa.
Playa Hermosa Food Drive helpersBelow is the email I received from Pamela Lewis and Bernal Mata, detailing how the efforts to help the community of Playa Hermosa is going and requesting your support as well.
Thanks to all who have helped, and will help, our great little community. Please remember to contact Bernal or Pamela for the Pay Pal information or contact me, and I will put you in direct contact with them.

Email Received from Pamela and Bernal

Hello All,

This provides you a quick update of the successful FOOD for HERMOSA distribution.
Packages of food for local relief in Playa HermosaMany of you have donated money and/or food — Thank you very much! We need to keep this up for many more weeks. Please continue to donate. Our next food distribution is April 30, 2020. Without additional food donations, we would not have been able to accommodate everybody yesterday, but we did. Continue to add to the bin in Super Luperon Hermosa, this is very important.
Last Friday, Bernal Mata, Tico Tours GTE, delivered 10 donated food packages to the 1st priority families.
Volunteers helping Playa HermosaOn Tuesday, April 14, we planned to feed 50 families with comprehensive packages of dry goods, a few personal care items, eggs & fresh vegetables. Instead of 50 families, we actually provided food for 87 families – All in Hermosa. These are housekeepers, fishermen, massage therapists, gardeners, etc. On that note, we also implemented an application and screening process. We are asking important questions: do you live in Hermosa, are you working, is anybody else in your house receiving aid, etc. If you own a hotel, restaurant, or business in Hermosa and are feeding your staff, please let us know, so we can review names on our list. Our process is thorough and organized and will be even more-so for April 30.
Packages of supplies for the Playa Hermosa food driveThe cost to feed a family of four is c25,000 – or basically $50.00 USD. What was distributed on Tuesday the 14th, is sufficient for two weeks, the next Food Distribution is April 30, Escuela Hermosa. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, RELATIVES ANYONE THAT WOULD CONSIDER HELPING OUT!
How TO HELP the Playa Hermosa Community:
– Pay Pal – Contact or
– Food – place in the designated bin in Super Luperon (local grocery store) Hermosa, or in Coco, designate FOOD for HERMOSA
Pamela Lewis & Bernal Mata

Please join us in helping Playa Hermosa!

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2 thoughts on “Helping Playa Hermosa Community”

  1. Hi Joseph, this is a great thing you are doing for your community. Kudos to you! I am expecting some $ in the next couple of weeks and forward something.
    In the meantime, i have been meaning to connect with you in case you may be aware of what my friend and I are looking for. I have been working on some major projects that expect will pay off within the next year. This will allow us hopefully fulfill this dream we have. We are looking for a sizable island to purchase for a destination for spiritual courses for our growing International community. Obviously, because of the info you have shared with me over the last, my goodness time flies, 10 years or more on the Pacific side of the Caribbean, i would prefer that area from the west side of Costa Rica. It does not have to be only off the coast of Costa Rica, it can be north from where you are. My thought is that, unfortunately, because of this COVID things, there will be many resorts that will not be able to make it. We will be watching for those situations as well. I would appreciate it if you can keep your eyes open for us.
    Good luck with your fund raising efforts for the community!
    All blessings, Norm Gauthier, Toronto, Canada 647-2387-9007

    1. Hi Norm,
      Wow it has been a long time since we have communicated. I will keep an eye out for you. Off the pacifico cost of Costa Rica, there really are no islands to be purchased as they are all national parks or refuges. I will send you an email directly.

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