Thanks to the generosity of Costa Ricans that give life, eighty-eight people are alive and well today. They are enjoying a new lease on life due to receiving an organ transplant. I know this is a weird subject, but one that should be looked at or considered if moving to Costa Rica. Of course, it is a personal decision.

give life through organ donation

Reported by the Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Program of Costa Rica’s Social Security Fund, CCSS or CAJA as it is known locally. Sixty-eight of the organs transplanted came from, unfortunately, deceased donors and the rest from living donors. The recipients were suffering from terminal damage to either heart, liver, kidney and lung and would not be here today if not for those that are donors.

Costa Rica Organ Donation
The number of people willing to donate organs to give life is going up.  As an example, in all of 2017 there were only 34 donations of organs from people that died in an accident. If you ever have driven in San Jose or on some of the highways here in Costa Rica, you’re more likely to get into a car accident than die from an earthquake or a volcano explosion.
Some have said that even through the pain, shock and confusion of having a loved one pass away from an accident, they actually found some peace and solace by knowing that their deceased loved one was willing to donate usable organs to help another human being live on.

organ donation Playa Del Coco
Even in Costa Rica, drivers as well as everyone are being encouraged to sign up for organ donation by medical specialists. Many professionals have agreed that a person who dies in an accidental death can provide organs for up to nine others. Not just organs but many things like tendons, heart valves, tissue, and skin.  The list of ways to give life goes on and on.

In Costa Rica over thirty-five thousand people have registered as organ donors. If you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica and you want to donate, you have to register yourself as an organ donor. I have!! I am not sure how much of this 58-year-old body is useful, HAHA, but you never know.  I will leave that to the pros. I signed up and it is listed on my driver’s license. If you want to give the gift of life upon your death while living in Costa Rica, just follow the procedure on the website

donate organs

You can give the gift of life, even if not moving to Costa Rica.

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