Costa Rica Dry Season Is Over in Guanacaste

Whew! The Costa Rica dry season has finally ended in Guanacaste! We all love the clear, blue skies of the dry season, but by the month of May a break from the heat and relentless sun is welcome. After almost 6 months of dryness, the rains bring cooler temperatures and welcome relief. The change Guanacaste undergoes each year in May is stunning. The dry brown landscape becomes green and lush. The trees’ bare branches fill with fresh, new leaves. The parched riverbeds babble and sparkle with water again. The dust is beat down, and the humidity rises some and the temperature falls.

Dry landscape of Guanacaste during the Costa Rica dry season

The typical weather pattern during the months to come consists of morning sunshine with clouds beginning to gather in the early afternoon. Then comes the big show as tropical thunderstorms burst forth with all the accoutrements: streaking lightning, booming thunder and heavy downpours.

Rain falling on the Pacific near Costa Rica


If you think you wouldn’t like the rainy season, you have never read a book while in a hammock under a tin roof during a tropical downpour and inevitably fall asleep. Siesta!! It is one of life’s sweet pleasures!

After your little afternoon nap, enjoy watching the incredible sunsets. This time of year, with clouds in the sky, take in the hues of orange, red, and blue.   With the sun’s rays peeking through, the colors are just jaw dropping. If you’re lucky, look to the west and you may catch a glimpse of a rainbow as well.

Rainbow off the Coast of Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

Although I am happy for the rains just now, I will welcome when they come to an end in December. Just how dry is the Costa Rica dry season? The Playa Hermosa area receives an average of approximately .93 inches of rain during the month of December, and by January this figure falls even lower. In my 11 plus years living here, it has only rained once in January. Compared to May thru November, which sees an average of 55 inches of rain, December’s climate is remarkably dry.

So do not let the weather man or some weather news channel tell you “Stay away from the Playa Hermosa area during the rainy season, the Costa Rica dry season is better”.  They are doing you a disservice.

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